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Defense Minister Hold Talks with Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah Officials

Storyline:National News

minister for defenceThe Federal Government Defense Minister Abdikadir Sheik Ali Dini has held talks with officials from Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah in Guri El in an effort to mediate ceasefire between government forces and the group’s fighters.

There have been recurrent clashes between the two sides since December; they fight over the control of Guri El Town.

The town which changed hands for several times is now under the control of Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah fighters, while government forces are stationed just outside the town.

There have been calls for government to intervene the clashes which claimed 40 people and wound more than 60, with the displacement of hundreds of residents.

The nature of talks remains unclear, but government seems to be going into new heights to achieve peace in the area by sending the highest official possible.

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