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Delegates led by Jawari due to reach Baidoa

Storyline:National News

The security of Baidoa district, the headquarters of Bay region was tightened ahead of a delegation led by the Federal parliament speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari  are expected to visit the town.

Government forces and Ethiopian troops are patrolling the major streets of Baidoa and the airport.

Mr. Jawari is accompanied by members of the Federal parliament and  Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan,  the former speaker of transitional federal parliament.

The officials are supposed to thrash out  the dissension between the administrations of South West Somalia- six and three regions and establish a unified administration of three regions.

Last week at least one person died and dozens wounded after government forces opened life bullets on crowds of protestors against the visit of  the Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, latter PM’s trip to the town was delayed.

The Federal government of Somalia has recognized South West Somalia administration comprising of three regions and formed a technical committee to facilitate the establishment of the regional state.