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Delegates led by the outgoing assistant foreign minister arrive Dusa Mareeb district

Storyline:National News

High level delegation led by the outgoing assistant minister for foreign affairs and international relations Mahad Salad reached Dusa Mareb, the headquarters of Galgadud region in central Somalia.

The assistant minister accompanied by Galgagadud governor Hussen Wehliye Irfo, Dusamareb district commissioner Abdirahman Geda-Qorow, General Robleh Jima’ale aka Gobaanle and other senior officials were warmly welcomed at Dusa-Mareb airport by administration officials.

The motive  behind their visit is not clearly known but they are expected to take meetings with the administration of Galgadud, elders, intellectuals, Women and youth in the region.

Galgadud governor addressing the media at the airport said the visit of the delegation will pave way for the arrival of other senior delegates to the region.

The trip of the government delegates comes a time when inter-clan conflicts in the outskirts of El-bur district in Central Somalia has claimed the lives of more than 15 people mainly from the warring clans and many others sustained injuries.