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Deploy all constitutional means to realise 2016 polls, Security Council tells Somali President

The UN Security Council has called on Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to explore and deploy all constitutional means to ensure the elections are conducted in August without fail.

In a strong statement delivered in Mogadishu Thursday, Security Council President Abdellatif Aboulatta said the Council was clear on its position regarding the 2016 polls urging the president to ensure the electoral modalities are approved in time by Parliament.

“Our message was loud and clear. The Somali government has to move on with the elections on the date as decided. We urge the president to take any steps and use any constitutional tools to ensure the elections materialise,” said Aboulatta.

Aboulatta, who is also Egypt’s representative to the Council, said the team were to meet with Parliament Speaker Osman Jawari but he declined the last minute.

Parliament speaker

His statements were echoed by the British Permanent Representative to the UN Matthew John Rycroft who called on parliament to quickly endorse the electoral modalities in readiness for the polls.

“The Security Council is in support of Somali leader’s proposals. We urge parliament as a matter of extreme urgency to adopt that model. That was a unanimous view of the Security Council. We commend the leaders who have forged a consensus. Not everyone might accept every part of it but it is a good deal as a stepping stone to 2020,” said Rycroft.

In what could be an indication of concerns arising from parliament over possible extension of debates regarding the electoral modalities, Rycroft said the Council was concerned that there might be delay but warned of any attempts to scuttle the process.

Possible delay

“We are concerned that there might be some delay. We are concerned about anyone trying to unpick a part of the deal because very soon the whole deal could unravel. So we urge Parliament to endorse the modalities in a day or two.

Goobjoog News has learnt the Security Council read the riot act to the president warning of consequences if the country’s leadership does not bring to pass the 2016 electoral process. Sources close to the proceedings intimated to Goobjoog News the Council warned it could come up with its own option and force the country to adopt it.

The situation was apparent in the president’s address to parliament Thursday. The president made a veiled reference to dictates of the Security Council should parliament fail to endorse the election modalities.

“We do not want to blame others but if we fail to govern ourselves, they will dictate and govern us and you know this has happened before,” he observed.

Even as the Security Council was making its threats known, parliament failed to endorse the proposals and will therefore have to revisit it on Saturday.

Goobjoog News has also learnt the Security Council representatives will stay in Mogadishu until Saturday in the hope of taking back a positive resolution from the August House.