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Dhusa-Mareeb conference Spokesman: “there is chance discuss about where hold state formation conference”

Storyline:National News

The spokesman for Dhusa-Mareeb reconciliation conference, Abdilatiif Abdullahi Warsame who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News said that there is still chance to discuss about where to hold the upcoming central State Formation conference.
He highlighted that traditional elders in Dhusa-Mareb town want the conference hold in that rown for two main reasons which are, the security of Dusa-Mareb town and that Dusa-Mareb town hosted several meetings including the reconciliation conference concluded days ago.
The spokesman said that the president of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is insisting that conference should be in Adado town but both the president and the traditional elders have look solution for their differences because the clock is ticking down and the public competent State government.
“President Hassan will revisit Dusa-Mareb town as hold talks with the traditional elders soon so i expect everything will end good” Warsame.
Somali government has earlier mentioned that the State formation conference should be held in Adado town.