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Diamond Furniture rebrands as SAABAAN

Storyline:National News

Diamond Furniture, a workshop furniture company that sells furniture, accessories, and fitness equipment has announced that it has rebranded to SAABAAN LLC. SAABAAN formerly known as Diamond Furniture is an innovative workshop based in Mogadishu, the company’s mission is to make classic and modern furniture and space accessories for sale. In addition to the name change, the rebranding of Diamond Furniture includes a new logo, new website and marketing toolkit.

Diamond Furniture has established itself and evolved to the market leaders in the furniture business, The CEO of the company said in our business of the month radio talk show “The word SAABAAN means Furniture in Somali, so our name reflects on our business, though our name changed, our obligation and commitment to our customer’s remains as robust as ever.”.

 When asked what does the rebranding mean for the existing customers of the company, the CEO answered “This means a new chapter for our existing customers and we assure them to continue to serve them with local and personalized products and services” Ali Mohamud Abdulle, CEO


SAABAAN is a furniture workshop that produces locally made furniture for housing, dining and education. SAABAAN is driving to create furniture with international standards while in the process creating job opportunities constantly to contribute to the local economy.

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