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Diarrhoea outbreak kills two childred in Bal’ad

At least two children under the age of five years were confirmed dead due to diarrhoea outbreak in Bal’ad district, health workers in the area have said.

The health workers say the outbreak of the disease in Balcad and its surrounding areas has left the available health centre strained owing to lack of sufficient facilities, medical supplies and staff.

“This week the disease has killed two children, under the age of five, as more than 15 people were hospitalised” said a nurse.

He added residents in the district are lacking facilities such as proper healthcare and additional to that, new cases of diarrhea are reported regularly.

He confirmed to Goobjoog FM the two children died after drinking contaminated water.

Fatima Ahmed, a mother living in the village who brought her child Bal’ad town expressed concern over the health situation of residents of the village.

“There are no medical facilities in the the town, the situation of the people is terrible and  the health workers who were volunteering have stopped their work due to lack of medicine,” Ahmed said.

She urged the federal government of Somalia, local and international humanitarian aid agencies and Diaspora Somali community to deliver emergency support to Bal’ad residents.