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Diinari: “Participators Of Dhusa-Mareeb Conference Made Some Progress”

Storyline:National News

Abdirahman Mohamed Noor aliases Diinari, the chairman of the ongoing Dhusa-Mareeb reconciliation conference said on Thursday, that they made some progress during their talks in gathering.
“The meeting in Dhusa-Mareeb town is progressing day after day and remarkably the vacuum between the sides has been solved, they understood one another mutually, we discussed wide range issues.” Mr. Noor said.
Mohamed who is vying for the presidency of upcoming central state of Somalia has optimistically noted the meeting will soon concluded with positive results which will please all sides in the conference.
On the other side, the chairman said that the preparation of upcoming State formation conference in Adado town is going well and it will kick off soon as the delegates are turning in large number day after day.