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Diinsoor: Al-shabab executes 4 men accused of spying

Storyline:National News

Al-Shabab has executed four Somali men in Diinsoor district of Bay region alleging them of spying.
Al-Shabab court in Diinsoor town has sentenced the four men to death penalty after they were accused of spying for Kenya and Somali Federal government.
The four men are
1. Ali Muse Ali aged 26 years accused of spying for Kenya.
2. Hassan Adaawe Mohamed aged 24 years accused of spying for NISA
3. Okaash Ali Hajji, aged 39 years, accused of working with Kenyan Intelligence.
4. Mohamed Noor Ali, aged 40 years accused of having direct links with the government of Kenya and actively working with NISA.
The men were executed by firing squad at a public place in Diinsoor district a stronghold of Al-Shabab in Bay region.