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Dirty water kills three children

At least three children died in fafaadun locality in Lower Juba region after diarrhea outbreak.

The administrator of Fafaaduun locality Adan Shuqul Nunow confirmed to Goobjoog FM that  the death of the three children is due to contracting waterborne diseases after drinking contaminated water.

He stated that there are more other people who were  hospitalized after contracting the waterborne disease in the area adding that number increases day after day.

Mr. Shuquul said acute water shortage in the region particularly Fafaaduun locality has encouraged many families to move to other areas in search of clean water and forced the remaining people to take dirty water hence the spread of waterborne diseases.

The administrator underlined the price of the available water in the area has doubled, a drum of water reaching 350,000Ssh unaffordable to most of the people as water tankers fetch water from far areas.

He called the federal government , Interim Juba administration and humanitarian aid agencies to deliver emergency support to the residents.