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Disables in Adado district receive donations

Storyline:National News

Cuuryamin Somali ahSomali disables in Adado district, the administrative capital of Himan & Heb regional state in Central Somali received donations from Somali Diaspora community.

Senior officials of the regional state were present when some members of the Diaspora community were delivering the donation to the diables.

Adado deputy district commissioner Noor Yarrow Hayle said that every individual received sh400,000.

Mr. Yarrow stated the received donations will not  cover all the needs of the vulnerable people in the district but it’s a good start and urged the Diaspora community to double their efforts and help their brothers and sisters during difficult times.

One of the disables thanked the Diaspora community for their donations adding that their support came the right time when were in ineed.

These donations comes a time when before days the disables blamed the local and international aid agencies in the region of failing to assist them despite making many pledges.