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Displaced families in Sool region demand for humanitarian emergency aid

Storyline:National News

More than 10,000 displaced local families  in Sool region are facing severe humanitarian situation after they fled their homes following clan clashes in the area

The displaced families who spoke to Goobjoog News noted that the local displaced families in Sool region are complaining lack of food, poor health and water shortage among others.

The displaced families from the Sool region have settled into 17 different IDP camps and till then they have never received any assistance from the international humanitarian agencies in the country.

The families are demanding for humanitarian emergency help from the government and the international humanitarian agencies in the county to provide assistance in protecting their lives.

Ethio-Somali state president Mustafa Mohammed Omar has sent the first emergency help to the displaced people of Sool region but it was not enough and was only distributed to six camps out of the Seventeen different settlements camps in the area.

Community elders from the Ethiopia Somali state have expressed concerns over the latest armed clashes that were taking place in the Sool region for an immediate ceasefire.

Puntland and Somaliland have in the past fought for control over regions in Sool particularly Tukaraq which has been the scene of intense fighting in the past.

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