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Displaced people flee parts of Gedo region

Storyline:National News

Displaced people in some parts of Gedo region have in the last couple of days fled their homes following airstrikes suspected to be conducted by Kenyan forces.

Sources told Goobjoog News children and women have been displaced from the towns of Dereq, Fahfahdhub, Dares Salaam, El-Ram, Koolbaay, Bursar and Cowsqur have reached the town of Bardhere about 250km from where they were displaced.

The displaced people who spoke to the media said they had migrated from drought conditions and airstrikes in parts of Gedo region, adding that their livestock had nowhere to graze.

The Resident appealed to the Federal Government of Somalia for humanitarian assistance, as Gedo region for the past three years has experienced a prolonged drought that has affected livestock, people and wildlife.

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