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Djibouti plans to send extra peace-keeping troops to Somalia

Storyline:National News

Djiboutian troops--AMISOMThe republic of Djibouti is preparing to send extra peace-keeping troops to join its forces under AMISOM in Somalia at the end of this year.

Djiboutian foreign minister Mohamed Ali Yussuf announced that that Djibouti is planning to send one battalion of its forces to Somalia so as to back federal government’s fight against Al-shabab.

The minister stated that they will deploy at least one thousand troops to Hiran region where African union peace-keeping troops from Djibouti are already stationed.

The minister reiterated that the main aim of deploying extra troops to Somalia is to intensify federal government’s effort to stabilize the country.

On the other hand Djiboutian foreign minister said that they will strengthen the overall security of the country after Al-shabab claimed responsibility of an attack in Djiboutian restaurant where westerners mostly frequent, at least four people died during the attack.

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