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Djibouti to train federal government forces

Storyline:National News

The government of Djibouti is set to train Somali government troops in its country.

At least 20 soldiers who departed from Beledweyne on Wednesday will be trained in Djibouti to help bring peace, law and order in Somalia that has been devastated by over two decades of civil war.

Ali Dhux Mahad Alle, Beledweyn police commander while in Beledweyn airport confirmed to Goobjoog that 20 government forces will benefit from the training though he has not specified the duration and the courses they will be taking during the train.

This comes a time when Djibouti has recently announced to send more peace-keeping troops under AMISOM to Somalia to reinforce the federal government’s effort to push Al-shabab from Somalia.

Djibouti has sent over 800 peace-keeping troops under AMISOM to Somalia.