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Dr. Ismael Jim’ale Human Rights Organization says Marka toll stands at 22

Storyline:National News

AMISOM SOLDIERSomalia human rights organization Dr. Ismael Jim’ale has called for investigation of the alleged extrajudicial killings of AMISOM troops in Marka, Lower Shabelle.

Osman Aweys Dahir the head of Dr. Ismael Jim’ale who spoke to Goobjoog said that “It’s very disheartening that peace keepers commit such heinous crime, we sent there our observers and in our records we have 22 shot dead by AMISOM and 6 wounded, they are all civilians”.

He urged for an urgent set up of commission of inquiry by African Union to investigate atrocities by AMISOM troops in Somalia.

He is joined by a chorus of condemnation from different parts of civil society and political groups; this includes MPs who are pushing a motion in the parliament to pass a resolution condemning AMISOM.

Marka Incident

According to Osman of Dr. Ismael Jim’ale Human Rights Organization, things started to fallout when AMISOM shot dead five youths who went to the hills out skirts of the city for a photo session since one of them was preparing to travel to the United States.

On hearing the news of the killing, the residents revolted against AMISOM which further deteriorated the situation and AMISOM soldiers shot dead 17 others.

Such incidents in Marka are recurrent and there is no enough explanation from either AU or Federal government.

AMISOM has yesterday refuted that their troops has engaged in murderous acts in Marka, they however said that Alshabab elements has been killed instead.

Somali federal government has yet to comment on the boiling anger, as some analysts fear for spillover that can jeopardize gains by AMISOM and SNA.

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