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Dusa-Mareeb conference conluded

Storyline:National News

Dusa-mareeb reconciliation conference held for Mudug and Galgaduud clans was concluded and it made prestigious progress.
The delegates of the conference mutually understood one another and the sides signed agreements.
The points agreed upon are:
1. The sides should respect and protect the treaty.
2. The willingness of the clans who attended the conference should be considered.
3. The decision where to hold Somali central state formation conference should come from the clans of those regions.
4. The previous agreements should be respected
At the conclusion of the conference, the delegates underlined that Somali central state formation conference 25th march in Dusa-Mareeb town, the participators of the conference should be 510 members and the board and officials running the meeting should not be more than 21 persons.
This comes at a time when the preparation of the the meeting took place in Adado town.