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E-commerce is taking its baby steps in Somalia


Online business in the developed countries is hugely advanced compared to most of the African countries which is still uncharted territory.

In the last 20 years, Somalia was relegated in a protracted civil war which made it to be far behind in the world of technology and more so in the African continent.

However, there are some local companies in the country that are initiating online commerce mostly invented by youths among them Somali Online Market which is locally branded as ‘suuqa soomar’ as a good example where a client can buy online while staying at home or office and receive goods through a delivery.

Another local e-commerce company named ‘hubaal’ runs its business activities like the giant Amazon company where they sell items online they have already bought.

“Hubaal is relying on a vision to be like Amazon Company in Somalia by making it possible for you to buy different items with ascertained quality” states Hubaal website.

Sami-Online is also another e-commerce company founded by a young Somali entrepreneur, Saami Abdi. It’s headquartered in Hargiesa, the capital city of the breakaway region of Somaliland. This market easily gathers and connects buyers and sellers living in different regions of the country.

“It is our pleasure that Sami-online company has facilitated for us services that could have been wasting a lot of money and time from us. Bravo to Sami-online” said client Shamo Suldan.

Internet usage has become a service that most of the Somali residents can now access and e-commerce is becoming a new reality for Somalia since the country is recovering from decades of unrest.

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