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Somali Government Launches the East Africa Regional Digital Integration Project

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: The Ministry of Communications and Technology has announced the official launch of the Eastern African Regional Digital Integration Project (EA-RDIP).

The project, which is a vital regional initiative that is set to transform and enhance the region’s integration into the digital economy will revolutionize the way the region connects, trades, and engages digitally. 

The ministry says EARDIP will significantly boost ICT and digital services across Somalia, bridging the digital divide.

“Backbone connectivity will be strengthened with the construction of approximately 4,600 km of missing links, benefiting rural and borderland areas,” a statement from the ministry says.

Proactive Steps

Speaking at the 10th Edition of the East Africa Internet Governance Forum (EA-IGF) convened in Kigali, Rwanda last year, EAC Principal ICT Officer, Daniel Murenzi said the project was initiated with a call for Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) experts in the region to take proactive steps towards ensuring that the internet continues to be a force for positive change in the region.

He further noted that the project aligns with regional priorities, emphasizing the need to bridge the digital divide, reduce connectivity costs, and empower marginalized groups such as youth, persons with disabilities, and women.

Murenzi also said that the project development objective is to increase access to broadband and digital services, fostering the development and integration of digital markets in East Africa.

“In realizing the objectives of the project, the internet remains the core facilitator. The EA-IGF then is not merely a gathering of experts and stakeholders; it is a critical platform for shaping the future of the internet in the region,” he said.