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Ebola fear in increases in Somalia

Ebola outbreak in west africa
Siera Leone health officials carry the body of Ebola victim

Many people in Somalia express fear that Ebola outbreak might spread in the region as the disease hit countries in West Africa.

Ahmed Adan, the chairman of parliamentary committee of social services said there is high fear that the virus might spread to countries in the region especially Somalia where peace-keeping troops from Sierra Leone under AMISOM are now stationed.

He urged the federal government of Somalia to be attentive so as to prevent Ebola outbreak that has killed hundreds of people in West Africa.

Abdikadir Noor, one of the residents of Mogadishu articulated concern about the diseases adding that the Somali government is not capable of diagnosing the disease.

Since the collapse of the Central government Somalia had no functioning public hospitals that provide medical services to cover the needs of the people.

AMISOM spokesperson, col. Ali Adan Humud told AFP that African union stopped of new battalion in an effort to stop the disease crossing to Somalia.

The World Health Organization said it would launch a $100 million response plan on Friday during a meeting with the affected nations in Guinea. It is in urgent talks with donors and international agencies to send more medical staff and resources to the region, it said.