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Ebola screening kicks off in Somaliland airports

The breakaway state of Somaliland in Northern Somalia have started testing passengers arriving Egal international airport of Ebola virus to control the spread of the deadly disease in the region.

Speaking to Goobjoog FM, the deputy director of Egal international airport Nageye stated that Somaliland ministry of health agreed to deploy a well equipped health professionals in all airports adding that the screening of the travelers has started.

Nageye underlined that the ministry’s efforts will put to a stop the risk of Ebola spreading to the area.

He noted that small tents were built inside the airport to keep the passengers who are suspected of possessing the symptoms of the deadly virus like high  temperatures.

“Fever is a sign of Ebola” Nageye stressed.

Somaliland health Minister told VOA Somali service said that they launched screening in reaction to the threats of Ebola which killed over 4000 people in West Africa.

He added that health personnel were stationed at Wajale the border that links Somaliland to Ethiopia.