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Eel-Garas administration expresses concern over food shortage in that locality

Storyline:National News

Reports from Galgaduud region indicate that administration of Eel-Garas expressed its concern over the living situation of people of that locality.
The division commissioner of Eel-Garas, Hassan Sheikh Isse who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News has stated that the local residents living in that division are facing serious food shortage, diseases, as the dry season approached.
He noted that they tried their best cover the basic needs but still the situation is getting worse day after day.
“People in Eel-Garas locality are dying of hunger, diseases as the locality has no healthcare therefore people travel long distance for treatment” The DC said.
Lastly Mr. Hassan called upon the Somali federal government, well-wishers and NGOs to help these people before becomes trgic.
Eel-Garas division is among the locations that Somali government seized through the operation of Indian Ocean which conducted by Somali national Army backed, AMISOM against the Al-Shabaab group in southern Somalia.