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Efforts to end clan clashes in Mudug region kicks off in Harardhere

Storyline:National News

Reports from Harardhere district in Mudug region states that the traditional elders have started efforts to end the hostilities and tensions between the warring clans in war-Shubo locality.

The elders called the militias to cease fire immediately and come to the negotiating table

The tribal clashes that claimed more than 15 people in the area is due to argument over grazing and pasture land.

The prime minister of Somalia Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed issued statement about  the clan clashes called the warring  parties in Mudug region to immediately cease fire and refrain from anything that lead to fresh bloodshed and come back to the negotiating table.

He said the administrations in the region are required to participate in conflict management and resolution of the clan clashes.

The Prime Minister has also called on the elders, intellectuals and civil society organizations to stand , stop the conflict  and provide a peaceful atmosphere where the warring clans can systematically solve their difference.