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Efforts to resume Hiran and Middle Shabelle state formation conference

Storyline:National News

Somali Federal delegation led by Federal and interior minister Abdirhman Odowa reaches Balwadwayne- the main city of Hiran region to hold talks with elders of the region.

Abdirhaman Adowa with petroleum minister Mohmmad Ibrahim Mukhatar are in bid to win the consent of Hiran elders who previously denounce to participate Hiran and Middle Shebelle state building conference in Jowhar.

Preparations to hold meetings between Federal delegation elders and  civil society of the region is going on in Baladwyne. says our reporter Abdirzaq Al-adala.

The Federal delegation is very serious this time to consider all points that raises the concerns of elders and wants to reach final understanding with people of region. Said our report in region Abdirhman Al-adala.

Count us out of state formation process

Elders of Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions distanced themselves from the participation of state formation process in joint statement on 7th of this month. The elders accused the government of an unfair distribution of clan delegates and ignoring the value and respect of clan elders.

Unlike Galmudg state formation conference which concluded in smooth manner middle Shebelle and Hiran state formation conference experienced major setbacks.

Somali Federal president Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud was unable to convince elders of Hiiran region to attend the conference in his trip to Baladwene in 18th February of this year. Some elders snubbed to meet with the president.

Federalization and interior minister is in heavy duty to persuade the elders of the region win the hearts of elders to attend the state formation conference in Jowhr again. Analysts believe the urgent need to revaluate the entire conference process so that the all sticking points can be addressed fairly.