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Elders And Intellectuals in Adado Welcome “Gurmad And Gargaar” campaign

Storyline:National News


Elders and intellectuals in Adado town have welcomed “Gurmad and Gargaar” a campaign which is spearheaded by Goobjoog News.
The campaign is intended to help Somalis maintain constant communication with stranded refugees in Kenya and Yemen and monitor their situations.
Abdullahi Hirsi Diirshe, a Somali intellectual in Adodo has commended the initiatives to help Somalis in Yemen and Kenya.
He called upon leaders, Somali clerics, politician and intellectual people to create fundraising accounts so that people to donate and help their brotherly Somalis trapped in Yemen violence.
On the other hand, he has also called people to welcome and host Somali people who are fleeing Yemen in fear for their dear lives.
Radio Goobjoog has launched a campaign “Gurmad and Gargaar” on 23rd April, which is community self-help events and intended to encourage Somali people to help Somali refugees in Yemen and Kenya and it will run 90 consecutive days.
Now, with Yemen embroiled in fresh internal conflict and cutting humanitarian aid, the UN can only afford to do the bare minimum. Some Somalis want to return home but they don’t have money or vessel to bring them back.
Unless the refugees can find their own way out of the country, they will remain trapped indefinitely in Yemen.


In additional to that, Concerns were also being raised in Somalia over a potential backlash against Somali refugees in Yemen after the Somali government expressed support for the Saudi-led air strikes against the Houthi fighters in Yemen.


further more, in the wake of the horrific Garissa University attacks, which cost the lives of 148 people, Kenya’s Deputy President delivered an ultimatum to the United Nations Refugee Agency to move nearly half a million Somali refugees out of a huge Kenyan refugee camp in three months or Kenya leaders will relocate them ourselves.


Therefore those refugees are our brothers and sisters, they need our help, so to make the dream true, you “Reader” and I have to put more efforts to pull our brothers out of the hole.