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Elders in Gedo Say Kenya Planes Are Killing Livestock

Storyline:National News

Elders in Gedo region where airstrikes are subjected to aerial attacks are complaining of heavy losses of livestock and other properties.

Nirat Nure one of the elders, who spoke to Goobjoog said that the planes has hit their animals and houses and that the intended targets were not harmed.

He called upon the international community to stop the airstrikes and took issue with the fact that airstrikes are not included the AMISOM mandate in Somalia.

He warned that Kenya is risking igniting armed uprising by the residents who were affected by the constant airstrikes.

Kenya has said it destroyed Alshabab training camps in Gedo and killed many of the fighters. The airstrikes are response to the last week’s attack on Garissa university which killed 147 students and staff.

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