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Elders in Kahda district raise concern over an outbreak of waterborne diseases

There are heavy concerns of an outbreak of waterborne diseases as heavy rains hit Mogadishu and its suburb the last few days.

The elders and intellectuals in Kahda district of Banadir region state that the heavy rains have affected the locals in the area.

Mohamed Ismail, one of the elders in Kahda district told Goobjoog FM that the internally displaced people in the district were heavily affected by the rains and subsequent flooding that destroyed their makeshifts.

The elder stated that the area is prone to the outbreak of diarrhea and measles adding that there are no proper health centers to cover the needs of the people.

He reiterated that the locals in the district especially the internally displaced people have no access to clean water hence doubling the risks of the outbreak.

Mr. Ismail called the federal government of Somalia and humanitarian aid agencies to  deliver emergency support to the affected people in Kahda district.

The heavy rains have also destroyed roads making transportations within the region difficult.