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Elders push for Baladweyne as host city for upcoming state formation conference

Storyline:National News

Elders and clan chiefs of Hiiran region have once again called on State conference organizers and Somali Federal government to designate Baladweyne  as the official host city of  Hiran and Middle Shabelle state conference that is due to start soon.

The call comes after a prominent number of the region’s elders had a meeting in Baladweyne today.

The elders also expressed their dismay after former Somali ambassador to Kenya Ali American was denied entry to Baldweyne.

The region’s governor justified entry denial to former diplomat as security reasons, allegation that ambassador denies utterly.

The state formation process is set to start in the first week of September and run through December which will culminate into the election of the state president.

Middle Shabelle and Hiiran state will be the second to be formed this year after the conclusion of the Adado Conference in July which saw the creation of Galmudug State.