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Emergency Services in Mogadishu Improves Tremendously As it puts out fire at Main Hotel

Storyline:National News

Fire gutted down some sections of a hotel in Hodan district of Mogadishu, the fire has caused destruction of property.Mountains  of clouds and flame could be seen coming from inside the hotel where the fire outbreak started.

Local people in the area made efforts put out fire as the fire fighters were on their way to the burning hotel.

Few minutes fire fighters and the administration of Hodan district arrived and succeeded to put out fire and save properties of immense value.

Residents commended the quick response of the emergency services in Mogadishu which was non existence in the previous years, this services include fire brigades, ambulance and police rapid response teams.

The district commissioner of Hodon district Abdikadir Ali Kulane speaking to Goobjoog FM said that the government is always ready to help its citizens and their property when they are at risk.

On his side the commander of police administration in Hodan Mohamed Dahir stated that their preparedness has given them advantage to respond quick in case like this and he pledged to continue such practices in the future.

This is a clear sign that Mogadishu is returning to normalcy after many years of anarchy.

The cause of this fire is not yet known thought electricity fault is suspected to be responsible the outbreak.