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Endorse me, new PM appeals to Lower House

Storyline:National News

Prime Minister-designate Mohamed Roble has appealed to the Lower House for approval days after he was picked by President Mohamed Farmaajo to form a new government following the removal of his predecessor in July.

Describing the appointment as a ‘show of confidence’ by the president, Roble called on the Lower House to expedite his approval to allow for the formation of a new government.

“I am asking the House of the People for a vote of confidence,” said Roble. “I hope they will give me the vote so that I can carry out my duties.”

The new PM was picked by Farmaajo Wednesday close to 60 days after former premier Hassan Khaire was booted in a no-confidence motion July 25. Khaire became the longest-serving prime minister in recent years and Farmaajo may leave office having worked with two prime ministers, unlike his immediate predecessors who had to three prime ministers each.

The new PM is expected to lead the country into a transition with barely five months before the term of the current administration lapses.