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Eritrea joins Somalia in scolding Canada over activists’ release calls

Storyline:National News
Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki match along with his Somali counterpart President Mohamed Farmaajo during a state visit July 28 in Asmara. Photo: online

Eritrea has joined Somalia in admonishing Canada over calls to release rights activists in Saudi Arabia as the Gulf nation goes on the war path to severe diplomatic ties with the North American nation.

In a statement Thursday, the hermetic nation termed calls by Canada as ‘irresponsible an provocative’ urging Saudi Arabia to take appropriate measures.

“The Government of Eritrea condemns the irresponsible, provocative and audacious   statement issued by the Canadian Government against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to advance certain political agendas,” a statement from the Ministry of Information read in part.

The Red Sea country which resurfaced into the public fold recently following thawing of relations with its arch foe, Ethiopia added, “The Government of Eritrea calls on the Saudi Government to take appropriate measures both for the sake of its sovereignty as well as to ensure respect of international law.”

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Somalia and Eritrea also announced late last month restoration of diplomatic ties following President Mohamed Farmaajo’s visit to Asmara where he also called on the UN to lift sanctions imposed on Eritrea since 2009.

“The Federal Republic of Somalia makes clear that it supports its brotherly Saudi Arabia’s decision against foreign interference in its internal affairs,” a statement from the foreign affairs ministry Wednesday read in part.

President Farmaajo’s government has come under heavy criticism from Somalis who termed the move to side with Saudi Arabia as uncalled. Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmed Awad defended the government position Thursday adding the decision to back Saudi Arabia was informed by need to protect the country’s sovereignty.