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Ethiopia leads efforts to restore Djibouti, Eritrea relations

Storyline:National News

Ethiopia is leading efforts to restore the relationship between the two of its neighbours, Djibouti and Eritrea.

According to the statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Addis Ababa mediates in this negotiation with the predominant spirit of embracing the progress and development integrators in the so-called African horn.

The statement reiterated that the dynamics of security and cooperation in the region was changing rapidly, especially after the agreement between this country and Asmara and, more recently, the normalization of relations between neighboring states and Somalia.

At the same time, it was emphasized that Ethiopia believed it necessary for other territories to benefit from the new airs of peace experienced in the area.

A delegation of the Djiboutian Foreign Ministry was last week in this capital and could carry out highly productive and useful discussions both with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and the foreign minister, Workneh Gebeyehu, ‘the statement explained.

‘The spirit that has been created must not exclude or isolate anyone. The entire international community is responsible for that. ‘

Since the Ethio-Eritrean pact was signed a few weeks ago, Djibouti intensified its determination to re-establish ties, seeking the assistance of the United Nations in that regard.

Ethiopia, which is undergoing lightning reforms under new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has already formally requested that sanctions be lifted against Eritrea.

And in the wake of Ethiopia’s peace with Eritrea, its other neighbour and rival Djibouti asked the U.N. Security Council for help mediating a long-standing border dispute that has soured relations with Asmara.

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