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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed to Visit Eritrea Sunday

Storyline:National News

Ethiopian PM Dr Abiy Ahmed to Visit Eritrea This Coming Sunday, July 8, 2018

According to reports and a notice sent to the Eritrean government offices unidentified guest is going to visit Eritrea.

A twitter post with an official notice indicated that  “Asmara, Massawa & Keren are instructed to make extensive preparations to welcome Ethiopia‘s PM Abiye Ahmed who is expected to visit Eritrea on Sunday. Government institutions informed their employees to come out to the streets of Asmara at 7:30 am local time to welcome the PM.”

A few days ago, The Associated Press reported that the two countries leaders will meet soon.

According to AP the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea will meet “soon” amid a surprising diplomatic thaw between the rival nations, Ethiopia’s top diplomat said Thursday, as an end to one of Africa’s longest-running conflicts appeared to move closer.

The meeting would bring together Ethiopia’s reformist new prime minister, who took office in April, and the president of one of the world’s most reclusive nations.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed surprised the region earlier this month by fully embracing the 2000 peace deal that ended the war that killed tens of thousands. Ethiopia had refused to accept the deal’s handling of key locations to Eritrea and the countries have skirmished over the years.

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