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Ethiopian troops pull out from Howl-Abaar village

Storyline:National News

Ethiopians troops under African peace-Keeping Mission (AMISOM) have withdrawn some of the areas in Bay region that the troops recaptured from Al-Shabab fighters, months ago, residents say.

The troops pull out from Howl-Abaar village in Bay region that was previously captured from Al-shabaab.

Handful of local fighters reportedly remained in the areas to continue the anti Al-shabab operations amid many people fled from the areas for possible Al-Shabab attack.

Farah Ali, a resident in Howl-Abaar has confirmed the withdrawal of AMISOM troops from the areas.

“Ethiopian soldiers who came this village months ago, have vacated the area and now the tension is high as people started fleeing” he said.

He added “Al-Shabab fighters who have base in the outskirt of the village can invade us anytime as there are no capable soldiers to resist them”

By this morning, their former base was totally deserted and no reason was given for the hasty withdrawal of the troops.

Ethiopian forces were previously accused of not taking orders from AMISOM after they started to withdraw from several areas they captured from the militants.

AMISOM has helped recover these villages with the help of Somali National Army and has since maintained presence there.