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Ethiopian Troops Takes Over Lego Base Abandoned by Burundi troops

Storyline:National News

Goobjoog learns that Ethiopian troops under AMISOM has arrived Lego locality overnight, some 120km to west of Mogadishu to take up the military base abandoned by Burundi troops after last Friday attack by Alshabab.

Alshabab fighters over-ran the base last Friday and killed many African peace keeping mission troops known as AMISOM mainly from Burundi.

We are yet to know the the motive behind this new arrangement, but sources said because of large causalities suffered by Burundians they not have enough number of troops to accommodate the gap. Another source said that Burundian troops may not have the necessary moral to face firebrand fighters from Alshabab.

Alshabab has intensified its activity since the beginning of Ramdan with new tactic like that used by Islamic State in Iraq and Levant of using string of suicide car bombs followed by forceful attack by their fighters.

Humanitarian alarm in Lego

Residents have since deserted the town after Alshabab abducted many of the residents, and the Ethiopian troop’s arrival may up the stake for more bloody confrontation that would necessitate residents to avoid Lego.

Aid workers and media is inaccessible to Lego so some claims by both sides couldn’t be independently verified.

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