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Ethiopian troops to escort emergency food aid

Storyline:National News

Ethiopian troopsReports from Bulo Burte district of Hiran region confirm that heavily armed Ethiopian troops under AMISOM reached the district the last few hours.

The military commander of Mahas district Mohamed Mumin Saney accompanying the troops told Goobjoog FM that troops advanced from Mahas district and other surrounding areas in the region.

He added that their aim is to escort food aid that reached town before days to the conflict and drought hit areas in Hiran and Galgadud regions.

The federal government of Somalia in an effort to support drought affected and displaced people in Bula Burde district and other areas in Hiran region sent at least ten trucks carrying food supplies to Bulo Burde.

Federal government officials in the region confirmed that federal government forces forcefully opened the blocked roads and enabled the delivery of the essential food to the affected people.

Al-shabab imposed tight sanctions by blocking the main trade routes leading to Bulo Burde and other major cities in Hiran region after allied forces pushed them out of their main strongholds in the region.

Some towns and districts under regions in South-Central Somalia had remained blockaded by Al-Shabaab which halted the transportation of aid and other emergency supplies to the affected residents living in those areas.