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EU Support Somalia and Somaliland talks

Storyline:National News

The European Union High Representative/Vice President Josep Borrell welcomes the two sides meeting in Djibouti on Wednesday.

According to a statement released by EU noted that the resumption of dialogue between Somalia and Somaliland is an important and positive step in the process of normalizing their relations, bringing renewed hope not only for the people of Somalia and Somaliland but also for the whole of Horn of Africa.

“The confidence of building measures to reconcile differences and promote peace-building, prosperity and development in the region remains a key factor to restore peace and unity between Somali community” added the statement.

The president of Djibouti and the prime minister of Ethiopia has played a fruitful role to promote the sustainable solution to end the argument between the two parties.

The two Somali leaders, President Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed Farmaajo and Moussa Bihi Abdi lastly agreed to form a technical team to continue working on advancing this peace-making process.

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