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EU support the Horn of Africa with €60 million to tackle vulnerable groups

Storyline:Security, World

The European Union announced a €60 million package to support the Horn of Africa amid COVID 19 response that facilitates the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and Rapid Regional Response Team (RRRT).

Specifically, the program will focus on vulnerable groups, including migrants, refugees, internally displaced persons to ensure the safety of the community and promote digital solutions to monitor the crisis in the region.

“Almost 430,000 people including women and children will receive basic care, while 570,000 others will access clean water, health and other essential life services,” the EU statement said.

The Executive Secretary of IGAD, Workeneh Gebeyehu, stressed that this project will make a significant contribution to saving lives, protecting and motivating frontline health workers, as well as preventing community transmission through rapid and coordinated contact tracing and isolation.

“The plan will boost the remarkable efforts of national response committees in the IGAD Member States to contain and control the pandemic, promote trade and protect livelihoods,” Workeneh Gebeyehu said.

The programme will be implemented by the international aid agencies including UNOPS, UNICEF, GIZ, IOM and Trade Mark East Africa.

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