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EU: The rift between top Somali leaders has impact on federal institutions

Storyline:National News

We note with deep concern the public differences between the President and Prime Minister of Somalia. This is already having an impact on the functioning of the Federal Institutions and Somalia’s State and Peace building goals. We call upon both leaders to find a solution to their differences now, in a spirit of pragmatism and for the good of all Somali citizens.

The political leadership of Somalia must now rise to its responsibilities and demonstrate that peaceful politics can allow for cohabitation.

We therefore urge all to desist immediately from actions that will only damage the country as it seeks to unify itself in peace and prosperity. We call on the President and Prime Minister to heed the advice of those who can offer pragmatic solutions, commit to work together and focus immediately on the nation’s core priorities until 2016.

Parliament, as the primary organ of the Federal Institutions, has a special responsibility in these times and we call upon members of the legislative to respect the integrity of the process and the institutions. It is an issue that we, as a main donor, will be monitoring closely.

Today, Somalia needs peace. It needs responsible political leadership. Somalia has only twenty-two months until the 2016 elections. The regions of the country must now establish representative interim administrations. Deliberations on the constitution must be completed. A transparent system for managing the government’s finances must be established if the trust of citizens is to be won.  These are the goals to which we expect Somalia’s leaders to devote themselves.

The EU remains committed to support Somali driven efforts to address the crisis and continue working closely with UN, IGAD, AU, US, Ethiopia and Somalia’s international partners. The EU remains ready to look at all options should these calls not be heeded and the situation deteriorate further.