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Executive and Parliament to unveil new constitutional review road-map in 10 days

Storyline:National News
President Mohamed Farmaajo and the leadership of the Federal Parliament agreed Saturday to develop a comprehensive Constitutional Review road map in ten days. Photo: Goobjoog News

Parliament and the executive will in the next ten days come up with a constitutional review road map defining the roles and input of the various national stakeholders involved in the review process.

Following a meeting bringing together the leadership of both houses and President Mohamed Farmaajo Saturday, the leaders resolved to develop a joint a framework to ensure a coherent mechanism in driving the review process.

Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled told the media the leaders also zeroed in on key articles of the Provisional Constitutional which require significant input and wide consultations.

“The meeting identified crucial issues on constitutional review among them enhancing federal system, setting limits on the powers between the federal government and the regional states, harmonising the federal and state constitutions, federal police and judiciary system, one person one vote election, completion of the conditions for possible free election like the laws of political party system, immigration laws, and the law on registration of citizen and political parties,” said Guled.

It was also agreed to create working procedures between the Constitutional Affairs Ministry, Constitutional Review Commission, Oversight Committee and the involvement of the offices of the President and the Prime Minister, the deputy PM added.

Articles 133 and 134 establish the Parliamentary Oversight Committee which draws equal membership from the Senate and the Lower House and the Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission.