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EXPLAINER: The National Statistics Bill

Storyline:Business, National News

The Upper House Monday passed the Statistics Bill paving way for the creation of the National Statistics Agency to streamline data collection, management and utilization for national development.

The Bill now replaces the Statistical Code of Somalia which came into being in 1970.

The Bill which now awaits the President’s assent creates the National Statistics Agency which is tasked with among others, collect and process data in collaboration with Federal and regional governments, advice the two levels of government on national statistics development and consolidate data to inform national planning and development.

The agency will be composed of a Council whose membership will last for a period of three years but will renewal.

Members of the Council, besides the director shall be appointed by presidents of the regional government in addition to one representative from the Ministry of Planning.

The Statistics Agency will be headed by a director whose appointment starts with a proposal by the Planning Minister and subjected to cabinet for approval. Should the candidate be approved, then he or she will be appointed by the President for a period of five years and may be re-appointed for a second and last term.

To qualify for the position of Director, one must have 10 years’ experience in statistics, finance and data mining. Besides being a Somali national, one must also have resided in the country for three years.

It is not however clear if the three years stay in the country refers to the time preceding the appointment or any other time in the life of a candidate.