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Families throng scene of attack and city hospitals in search of loved ones following terror attack in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News, Security

Hundreds of families are gathering at the scene of Saturday’s deadly terror attack in Mogadishu to identify bodies of loved ones who perished as rescue teams move the rubble to recover bodies.

Several people are reporting missing members of their families and friends as others move from one hospital to another in search of their kin.

Goobjoog News reporter who met with some of these families said they believe their loved ones were present at Zobe area when the deadly explosion took place.

Some of the dead people are said to be beyond recognition and very difficult to be ascertained by their families and there is no proper data for DNA confirmation in the country.

Several unclaimed bodies lie city mortuaries across the city while some are still lying on the location of the attack waiting to be transported by ambulance services. Among the dead include three brothers who were traders caught in the explosion while inside their shop. Maryam, a medical student who had just completed a medicine degree perished.

Emergency teams, police and residents say a bombing of such magnitude had never been experienced in the city.

President Mohamed Farmaajo led the country last night in donating blood as he declared three days of mourning.