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Family of slain young activist wants Somali-Canadian probe

Storyline:National News, Security


The family of a young Somali-Canadian peace activist shot dead in Mogadishu is calling for an investigation by the two countries and says a statement blaming a stray bullet is “premature.”

Almaas Elman’s family said Saturday the fact that she had been pregnant makes her death even more unfathomable.

Elman was killed Wednesday while travelling in a heavily fortified base next to the international airport in Somalia’s capital.

The African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia on Friday said preliminary investigations indicated that she was hit by a stray bullet. It said there was no record of a firearm being discharged inside the base at the time.

Elman’s family called such statements unhelpful.

Elman was the latest member of the Somali diaspora to be killed while helping to rebuild the country.