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Famous presidential security officer,his colleague died in SYL attack

Storyline:National News, Security

Mohamud Ismail Warsame was one of the well-known military officers from sector 60 of the Somali army killed in SYL hotel attack last night. Over the years he worked closely with presidents and PMs as he was one of the first officers who rushed to the SYL hotel following the attack.

Residents of the hotel who have been rescued said he died with his colleague while they were defending us over battling the attackers inside the hotel.

Former deputy security chief Abdullahi Guled said Mohamud Ismail knew him very well since 2009 when he was under the watch of former Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid.

He was prominent security official who worked closely with the previous Prime Ministers, added Guled.

Mohamud Ismail speech’s 2018 last year showed while he was among Kheyre special security the Prime Ministers’s trip to Baidoa, talking about being one of the first troops to serve in Baidoa to establish the country’s military, at the time of President Abdullahi Yusuf.

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