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Farah Maalim Denies Making Inflammatory Remarks Against Kenya’s Gen Z


GOOBJOOG NEWS | NAIROBI: Dadaab MP Farah Maalim has denied making inflammatory remarks against Kenya’s Gen-Z movement that has been at the forefront of recent anti-government protests in Kenya.

A viral video recently widely circulated on social media platforms appears to show a man said to be Maalim saying he would employ tough measures to quell the demonstrations by killing 5000 members of the Gen-Z movement daily.  

However, maalim who was interviewed in a local TV station denied the claims saying the video was manipulated to paint a bad image of him.

“It’s all editing, cutting and pasting, and putting words together. It’s basically a lot of nonsense. It is Somalis who would do that for other reasons because I also weighed in on the politics of Somalia,” Maalim said.

Maalim added that the video was taken at a recent book launch event he attended in Somalia and that his comments were not directed at Kenyan protesters but were instead a general statement about the consequences of violent revolutions.

“That 5,000 figure was in line with what I said about the serious slaughter that happens whenever there is an attempt at a revolution to try to forcefully take over the government,” he explained.

The video has sparked public outrage among Kenyans who have called for his arrest and prosecution over the sentiments they say threatens to further worsen the situation in Kenya.