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Farmaajo purges Khaire’s inner circle in cabinet

Storyline:National News

Staunch allies of former Prime Minister Hassan Khaire were purged in the new line-up by his successor Mohamed Roble in what Goobjoog News has learnt was a push by Villa Somalia to rid the new administration of Khaire’s influence.

Though Roble retained about eight ministers from the previous government, he made sure Khaire’s stalwarts were shown the door leaving President Mohamed Farmaajo some sufficient headroom ahead of the upcoming poll.

The exit of Khaire, who had amassed a huge influence in the Farmaajo administration and became a threat to his boss’ political ambitions was a reprieve at the Villa. Some of the axed ministers were publicly known to champion Khaire’s quest for the presidency upsetting Farmaajo who had to contend with a powerful Prime Minister for four years.

Among those who were shown the door from Khaire’s inner circle were Abdi Mohamed Sabriye (Minister for Interior and Federalism) Mohamed Abukar Islow (Internal Security), Eng. Abdi Anshur Hassan (Telecommunications) and Hassan Ali Mohamed who headed the defence docket.

Others were Adan Issack Ali- Deputy Minister of Information and Osman Abdi Daallo who was the Deputy Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport.

Khaire will be facing off with Farmaajo in February for the top office and has recently made forays into Kenya engaging senior Somali politicians there. It is not however clear if he will get the support of Nairobi.