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Farmers of lower Shabelle complain over lack of quality seeds

Storyline:National News

Farmers of lower Shabelle region have expressed concern over the less production of the region due lack of farm input.
The farmers request Somali ministry for agriculture to provide them with drought resistance seeds and agricultural tools.

Hassan Malak Hussein, who is member Lower Shabelle Farmers Cooperative Union told Goobjoog FM that farmers are preparing their farms as rainy season is approaching but underlined that they are using old rusted farm tools which are not enough use ploughing and other farm activities.
“We have one of the areas with good agricultural land which produces large scale food and vegetable but failing due to Drought and lack farm inputs therefore request Ministry for Agriculture to support us as to put forward with good production” Malak said.
Somali federal government has earlier distributed seeds to many impoverished farmers along the river Shabelle banks.

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