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Father, Mother Killed in Mortar Shell Attack in Central Somalia


GOOBJOOG NEWS|MUDUG: Two members of the same family were killed Saturday night when a mortar shell landed on their house in Mudug region.

Several sources confirmed that a man and his wife were killed while their son was injured when a barrage of shells landed on their house amid an intensifying clash between the Somali National Forces and the militant group Al-Shabaab.

The man was identified as Dheho Yusuf Abdulahi, while the man was named Ahmed Abdullahi Sheikh Hussein. The militant group Al-Shabaab reportedly fired the shells.

In addition to the loss suffered by the family, there was also the destruction of several houses, which were hit by the aerial artillery.

According to sources, the attack which occurred in Amara locality came as violence escalated in the area. Somali forces fended off a deadly attack by Al-Shabaab in the area late last month as reports indicated casualties on both sides.

The town of Amara in the south of Mudug region was recently been taken over by the national security forces, the Galmudug dervishes and the local forces, after years of Al-Shabaab.