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Fowsiya Yussuf “I don’t have any desire to be a minister in upcoming cabinet”

Storyline:National News

Fowziya Yussuf Haji Adan ,the vice chairperson of parliamentary caucus “Toosinta Talada Qaranka” giving exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM underscored that she does not has any desire to be a minister in the looming government of prime minister Omar Abdirashid.
She also urged the premier to exclude the formers minsters of Abdiwel’s government from the imminent cabinet.
On the other hand she described the reason behind the formation of TTQ caucus to be as guidance but not to impede the nation.
Fowziya finally called upon the Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid to do much consultation and deliberations with civil society and politicians and to appoint competent cabinet which can steer the country to an election of one man one vote.