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Faysal Ali Warabe: We knew it was big joke to hold General Election in 2016

Storyline:National News

The outspoken Somaliland political party leader Faysal Ali Warabe has lambasted the federal government for its earlier position of a possible universal vote in 2016.

“It was big joke in first place to have a one vote one man election, Somalia is fragmented politically; foreign troops are merely here to receive millions of dollars from the world. Before you hold elections there must prior actions including stability and we do not see that right now,” he said

Faysal Ali Warabe called on Somali people to learn a lesson from Somaliland.

“If you want a working system you need to trust each other to reach consensus among yourselves. In Somaliland, we tested something like that and we succeeded,” noted the politician.

He blamed foreign troops in country for not being serious about their mission, “They are in here to take money not to work.”

Faysal Ali Warabe’s remarks come days after Somali Federal Government and the international community conceded to the impossibility of holding a general election in August 2016.

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